Brewery Ceramics

We offer a large range of Ceramic Jugs and Tankards in standard shapes and sizes, and we also customise individual designs to suit your requirements. We supply many Brewery Visitors Centres and Shops with ceramic jugs - 4-pint jugs through to ½-pint, 1-pint tankards, wine coolers, utensil holders, mugs and more. These items make a great souvenir from the Brewery visit!

As with our whisky water jugs, the ceramic is high-quality ware, produced in a wide range of glazes and decorated exclusively for each individual customer. The pieces are decorated by high-quality transfers produced by specialist printers. They are fired at temperatures between 850° and 880° to ensure a permanent finish, which would be conventional dishwasher proof.

Bespoke designs are no problem and can be modelled up at relatively low cost depending on detail by our own in-house modellers. Once the preferred item size has been decided on, we proof up the transfer and produce samples of the pieces. They are then approved for the production run.

Promotional Mugs are always a favourite when it comes to marketing your business or service. We offer a large range of mugs in all sorts of ranges that can be customised to suit your marketing / advertising requirements - Stoneware/ Bone China/Earthenware/ Bespoke.

Other Possible Items - Pump Handles/ Pump clips/ Plaques/ Cutlery holders/ Condiment or Relish Pots, Salt and Pepper shakers and more.