Whisky & Spirit Ceramics

Specialising in supplying branded whisky water jugs for use in pubs, hotels and at home, examples of our work can be found in many places across the UK and worldwide, easily recognisable through the HCW back stamps, which have changed through the years.

We have a very good range of standard jug shapes ranging from miniature jugs with a capacity of ca. 100ml through to very large 750ml to 1L capacity jugs. New pieces can be modelled with relatively low origination costs. The ceramic is high-quality ware, produced in a wide range of glazes and decorated exclusively for each individual client to allow for brand recognition. We would be pleased to offer advice on special projects in regard to design, glazes and transfers.

Manufactured in a family run pottery, these jugs are ideally suited for adding a splash of water to your whisky and will make a perfect gift or memoir of a distillery visit.

Ceramic Pourers – The ceramic pourer is a very prestigious item and became unavailable for many years, but using a team of manufacturers to produce the compoments, it is again a popular item in our range.

High Quality Ceramic Pourer -

  • Ceramic Button – standard colours - black, white, cream - various glazes available
  • Decorated with High Fire Transfer
  • Metal Tubes and Caps
  • Natural Cork – various sizes available

Promotional Mugs are always a favourite when it comes to marketing your business or service. We offer a large range of mugs in all sorts of ranges that can be customised to suit your marketing / advertising requirements - Stoneware/ Bone China/Earthenware/ Bespoke