Metal & Wood

We work with a variety of materials including metal, wood and plastics. Each project is evaluated and produced according to the material best suited to it.

Metal - Metal waiter trays are one of our longest running lines. Practical, convenient and perfect within the hospitality trade, these trays are perfect for carrying drinks in a busy bar or serving food professionally. Fully stackable, the trays include an anti-slip finish, which prevents slipping of glasses and crockery. Our trays can be printed inside and out for a full promotional effect, while yet providing an essential service.

Other Metal items – Drip Trays/ Thimble measures/ Display Stands/ Bottle Holders/ Sheet Metal Wine Stand

Wood - With regard to the wooden items, we can produce anything in wood that is practical and decorate with pyro engraving. Items such as wooden pump handles, tasting paddles or even crib style board games are possible.