We supply oven to tableware of various shapes and glazes. Designed to help make cooking a little easier, these dishes are also very attractive contemporary additions to the dinner table. Made from stoneware, which is versatile and resilient, our dishes are conventional oven and microwave proof as well as dishwasher safe. They are ideal for freezing, cooking and serving and presenting food.

We can supply roasting dishes for meat joints/ sausages or casserole dishes baking dishes as well as pie dishes, platters for presentation and ramekins etc.

We have a very wide range of glaze colours including very attractive rustic glazes and dishes can be decorated with your personalised logo or design.

There are minimum order quantities, but we can model most designs/ shapes or alternatively you can select and buy stock shapes.

All items are made to order!!

Other Items:

Coffee Mugs – practical and useful, promotional coffee mugs make an ideal gift promoting your brand. Stoneware/ Bone China/Eartheware/ Bespoke

Condiment/ Relish Pots / Pestle & Mortars / Serving Platters/ Salt & Pepper shakers